powering the biggest names in Film, TV and Broadcast

When it comes to powering the biggest names in Film, TV and Broadcast, our team of engineers have you covered.

With decades of collective experience on high profile projects around the world, we provide reliable power distribution and generation services with rapid deployment success that guarantee integrity & efficiency for your project's needs.

So don't hesitate - trust us to get your Power & HVAC up and running!

Film production shhot

Feature Film Sets

With our robust power solutions, you can rest assured that your cameras will never miss a beat
and operations stay running without fail.

Power generator at a sporting event

Major Sports & Event Broadcasts

Guarantee your production remains on-air with our reliable, robust broadcast solutions. Our dependable systems keep the cameras running and power flowing.

Film production

Movie & Production Studios

Our power generation services are reliable and powerful, so you can feel confident that your operation will have a consistent energy source - enabling your shoots run smoothly.

Our Services for Industrial Projects

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Power Generation

Access reliable, safe, environmentally friendly power anywhere in the world, for any event or temporary application.

  • Generators from 2KW - 1000KW
  • GPS tracked
  • Movie Silent
  • Twin Pack
  • Paralleling Capabilities
  • UPS Technology
power distribution icon

Power Distribution

Safely and effectively distribute power across any event space in any location, without drawing attention or impacting accessibility.

  • Cable
  • Load Centers
  • Transformers
  • ADA Cable Ramps
  • RV Distribution Panels
  • Disconnects
hvac icon

Temperature Control (HVAC)

Keep attendees comfortable with HVAC solutions for any temperature, from chillers and air conditioners to electric heaters.

  • Spot Coolers
  • DX Units
  • Chillers
  • Air Handlers
  • Heaters
  • Power Breezers
backup power icon

UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Keep your event’s power high and carbon footprint low with sound-attenuated, EPA emission–certified external power supplies.

  • 80kVA
  • 160kVA
  • 225kVA
  • 300 - 375kVA
mapping icon

Mapping & Technology

Plan your event infrastructure deployments in CAD to more accurately and effectively with our drafting and surveying services for Festival Design, Special Events & Performances.

  • Smart Maps & Telemetry
  • UAV Surveys
  • CAD Drafting & Modeling
  • WiFi Networking & Cameras

Specializing in large-scale events

Festivals & Performances

Major Events

Industrial Projects

Power generator backstage at a music festival.Power generator semis in front of a SpaceX launch.Industrial generators in a remote mountain location.