Jay Williams

Chief Operations Officer

Jay Williams is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for CES Power. He assumed the role in June 2021 after a tenure of 8 years with Ring Power, backed by over 33 years of operations and transportation experience in the temporary power industry.

Jay is invaluable to the CES Power team due to his extensive event, operations, and project management experience in 27 countries. He also has an in-depth knowledge of best safety practices through his time as a Training Instructor for Caterpillar Safety Team and a Driving Instructor for Smith System.

During his 11 years at Entertainment Transport Company, Jay oversaw up to 25 drivers at a time while managing safety practices and compliance at the company. At Show Power, Jay held roles ranging from technician to National Operations Manager, and he successfully helped the company through an acquisition by Power Plus.

Jay has seen a wide range of unique events throughout his career and couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. He enjoys a wide range of music, from ’90s rock to heavy metal. When he isn’t working, Jay likes to spend time with his wife Shannon, read, and travel the globe.